I come from Harbin, one of the coldest cities in China. Now I am living in Beijing, one of the biggest cities in the world. I love my motherland China, for her history, culture and people.


I lived in Iowa city for 5 years and received my PhD from UIowa. I enjoyed the peaceful life and like nice Iowans in the city. I am very proud of being a Hawkeye. Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye.

我在美国爱荷华城生活了五年并在爱荷华大学取得了博士学位。我非常享受那里宁静美好的生活以及可爱的爱荷华人。我非常荣幸可以成为一个Hawkeye, 并将以此为一辈子的荣耀。

I love running, opera, traveling and photographing. I am grateful and enjoy all wonderful adventures in my life.I have a big dream to travel around the world. Dream on, until the dream come true.